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    NFL Football Halftime Betting, NFL Second Half Line at Bovada Sportsbook

    Lines will be available at Halftime. Second half wagering includes Overtime

    There's something about Sundays. And Mondays. Something about crisp fall weekends, the weeks of mounting anticipation, the buzz in the air as tailgate parties wrap and desperate contenders clash on the gridiron in tempests of fire and fury. NFL oddsmakers spare no expense bringing the drama from stadiums across the country to our living room, giving you - football's biggest fans - an opportunity to feel the passion and the pressure that the players do every time they set foot on the field.

    With Bovada's football lines you've got a wide variety of betting options to choose from, giving you the green light to run with your own strategies, your own decisions, your own instincts.

    Pages of NFL player props and Super Bowl futures ensure that there's something for everyone, whether that means weighing in on the over/under of a clash between the Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals, or the longterm odds of a perennial contender that hasn't quite put it all together... yet.

    You've got MVP props, Rookie of the Year props, milestone props, favorites covering spreads, underdogs beating odds, and now you've got a vested interest in the game you love to watch.

    Bet on the NFL at Bovada. Raise your game.

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