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    NBA Basketball First Half Betting and Odds at Bovada Sportsbook

    The score at Halftime will be used for settling wagers

    NBA Odds: 12 Months of Magic

    Whether it's opening night, the middle of the postseason, draft day, the trade deadline or any week in between, we know you're pouring over NBA stats, box scores and rosters. We know because we're doing it too. How else, after all, would our oddsmakers be able to pull off an NBA sportsbook as comprehensive as Bovada's?

    When it comes to betting on basketball, so many variables come into play that it can be a little overwhelming for the uninitiated. Fortunately, the more analysis we put into publishing the most accurate, all-encompassing, NBA odds and props, the more time you can spend kicking back and enjoying the game.

    Okay fine, the more time you can spend yelling at your backup point guard for eating up too much time on the shot clock. (Hey, we'd be disappointed if you didn't).

    The fact of the matter is that NBA basketball never sleeps and neither do you. Why not stick around an online sportsbook that understands your passion for the game and posts NBA lines and odds accordingly?

    This way, whether it's mid-July and you wake up in the middle of the night to the epiphany that your squad's 16th overall pick might be just the piece your boys need to finally put together a legitimate postseason run, or whether it's early December and you simply want to bet against the Miami Heat covering a point spread, you can.

    With futures that focus 365 days a year on who will be the next franchise to win a championship, the long-term option is always an option, but maybe you'd rather look at the game from an individual's perspective.

    Why not weigh in on any number of available player Props at the sportsbook? Think you know how the MVP race might unfold? Don't we all. Have a feeling that your favorite player is going to light up the box score? You might be right.

    Regardless of how you're looking to play, though, the important thing is that you can - any time of the year. Who needs to enjoy the summer sun when the NBA free agent frenzy is at its frenziest?

    See, your friends or family might not understand just how deep your love for the game goes, but we do. Stick around Bovada's NBA sportsbook for odds, props and moneylines all year long.

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