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    College Football Lines, NCAA College Football Lines at Bovada Online Sportsbook


    College Football Betting: NCAA Obsessors Unite

    There's just something about the tradition, the clashing of rivalries and the buzz across campuses throughout the country that makes college football one of the most fascinating phenomena sports fans ever experience. Combine with that some unprecedented levels of obvious alumni pride and loyalty and you have an industry as deeply rooted in modern day culture as any other in the world of entertainment. 

    That's why, whether it's bowl day in January, opening weekend or some random afternoon in May, you'll find Bovada oddsmakers pouring over college football lines and props. Your passion never sleeps, so why should ours?

    At Bovada not only are we ready to talk NCAA football odds any day of the week, but we're fine-tuning the most comprehensive BCS National Championship futures available. We see that your redshirt freshman is in excellent shape to shock his conference when given the opportunity to shine next year, don't worry. However will he be enough to get his guys to that coveted No. 1 spot in the standings?

    On the other hand, your premiere running back just got sidelined right before a crucial Week 8 matchup with bowl implications and you're wondering whether Vegas still has faith in your team to pull it off. Good news, they do, and it's on you whether or not your backup can produce just enough to help his teammates cover the spread.

    From preseason to offseason and everywhere in between, Bovada lets you play the way you want to play simply by backing off and letting the action on the field do the talking. Whether you're hoping to accurately predict your rival school quarterback's touchdown total or looking to try your hand at any number of Bovada's live game betting options, you'll feel right at home in the sportsbook.

    Think you know who's going to bring home the Heisman Trophy? Take a number.

    In a sport where any particular down can make or break a season, it's a no-brainer that every glimpse of research and analysis ought to be taken into consideration when setting the NCAA line. It's only fair that when it comes to betting on college football, you do so with a sportsbook as unabashedly obsessed with the game as you are.

    So with all that said, why wait to bet on football? I think I hear a dark horse Heisman candidate calling out for you. He's asking that you don't hold against him the 400-plus passing yards he dropped on your team the last time they met – he couldn't help it.

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