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    Totals Explained

    Betting on NFL totals is when you wager on the combined scores of both teams involved in an event. Oddsmakers will set a line on a NFL game and rather than betting on which team will win the event, you’re betting on whether the game will go over (o) or under (u) the line set by the oddsmakers, which is why this type of line is also known as an over/under. Here’s an example of a typical NFL totals line:

    Buffalo Bills         o +130
    @        58
    Miami Dolphins      u -115

    In this example, the total for the game between the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins is set at 58 points. If the Bills win the game 31-28, the final combined score is 59. If you bet the over in that game, your wager would be graded as a win. However, if the Bills won the game 35-23, the final score would match the line set by the oddsmakers. Your wager would be graded as a push and your risk amount would be returned to you.

    On occasion, oddsmakers will add a half point to the line, which would look like this:

    Buffalo Bills         o +130
    @        58.5
    Miami Dolphins      u -115

    In cases like this, the half-point eliminates the possibility of a push occurring. Therefore, the bet can only be won or lost. As always, how much you stand to win is determined by the moneyline odds attached to the over or under.

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