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    bovada: NFL

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    NFL Betting Overview

    Welcome to the NFL betting section of Bovada. If you’re a fan of the NFL and are looking to get in on the action on a weekly basis, then you’re in the right place. We’ve got everything you need to get your NFL betting season started off right.

    Top 5 Betting Tips for the 2014-2015 NFL Season

    1. What Goes Up Must Come Down

    NFL teams have a really tough time repeating their success. Since 1996, there have been at least five playoff contestants that have missed the postseason after participating the previous year. No matter how good a team looks one year, they can be vulnerable the next.

    2. Strength of Schedule

    When betting, make sure you factor in the strength of schedule. It’s not a coincidence that four of the five teams that had the easiest strength of schedules entering 2013 made the playoffs. We saw the Kansas City Chiefs feast on an easy schedule as they started 9-0 without facing a single team above .500.

    3. Keep Calm and Bet Live

    In the olden days, we laid our action before kickoff and waited until halftime for adjustments. Nowadays, Live Betting gives you the opportunity to make better decisions. Not sure about that quarterback? Wondering how the weather will impact the action? Concerned about how a favorite will play on a short week? Live Betting means you can watch part of the game, gather evidence and then make a decision. Use it to your advantage.

    4. New Coaches Can Succeed Right Away

    Forget rebuilding and the five-year plan. That model has been tossed aside as (some) coaches have proven they can deliver right off the bat.

    Andy Reid inherited the 2-14 Kansas City Chiefs and got them to 11-5 last year. Mike McCoy was supposed to be rebuilding in San Diego but took the Chargers to the playoffs in his first year. Meanwhile, Chip Kelly was supposed to be a gimmick in Philadelphia, but his high-flying offense soared to the top of the NFC East in 2013.

    5. Quarterbacks are King

    There’s no question that over the last decade, the NFL has tweaked the football rules to make it harder for defenses to stop plays. Sacking the quarterback is as challenging as it’s ever been. That has highlighted their performances, and this league is now all about the passers. Looking at quarterback ratings, 10 of the 11 quarterbacks who threw the most interceptions failed to make the playoffs. If you’re betting on a team, make sure they have a good quarterback because without one, their chances of winning diminish greatly.


    How to Bet on the NFL

    NFL Spread Betting

    NFL Totals Betting

    NFL Prop Betting

    NFL Parlay Betting

    NFL Teaser Betting


    NFL Spread Betting

    To set a point spread, oddsmakers decide who will be the favored team in a given game. They’ll allocate a set number of points against the favorite, which they must cover. The underdog receives a head start using the same set number. In order for you to win (or cover the spread), they must win by more points than the amount set by the oddsmakers. Learn More about NFL Spread Betting...


    Moneyline Betting

    To make a moneyline wager, all you have to do is pick the team you believe will win the game. Oddsmakers will set the lines on each team. The favorites will be represented with lower odds while the underdogs will be given higher odds. For example, you may see something such as this:

    New England Patriots -150
    Kansas City Chiefs +125

    When betting on the moneyline, it’s important to remember that the favored team’s odds (-150) represent the amount you must wager in order to win $100. As for the underdog, their odds (+125) represent the amount you win if you wager $100.


    NFL Totals

    The total, also known as over/under,involves betting on the total number of points scored by both teams combined in an NFL game. Oddsmakers will set a total number of points for any given NFL game and you decide if the score will be more or less (go over or under) that amount. Learn More about NFL Over/Under Betting...


    NFL Prop Betting

    A prop bet is a wager that has no direct relationship to the outcome or final score of a single NFL game. They typically come in the form of player or team prop bets, but during events like the Super Bowl, you’ll see fun props on the coin toss and the length of the National Anthem, among others. Learn More about NFL Prop Betting...


    Parlay Betting

    The parlay wager is a popular bet among many in the NFL wagering world as it offers a little more bang for your buck than a straight wager. Each individual bet in your parlay is linked together, so in order to win your entire parlay wager, all legs of your parlay (each outcome you’ve selected to bet on) must win. Learn More about NFL Parlay Betting...


    NFL Teaser Betting

    A teaser bet is comprised of two or more straight bets that are combined into one bet. The number of points offered on each individual line will then be adjusted in your favor. The three main types of NFL teaser are: 6, 6.5 and 7-point teasers. You can also place a sweetheart teaser, which offers you the option to tease a line by 10 or 13 points. In order for you to win this teaser bet, all the outcomes must be correct. Learn More about NFL Teaser Betting...


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    NFL Futures

    Though the Patriots claimed the Lombardi trophy, it's never too early to get your picks in for next season by betting on NFL Futures.

    Live Betting

    The NFL is fast paced but so is Bovada, so stay in the game and make real-time bets in the middle of the action. Live Betting helps you enjoy every game with our industry leading odds that change along with each moment.

    Mobile Betting

    Betting on the NFL has never been easier. With Bovada Mobile Betting you can stay one step ahead of the game and you'll never have to miss a beat with our new Live Betting feature.