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    Mobile Betting

    A Guide To Sports Betting Using Your Mobile Device

    Mobile betting was first introduced at the beginning of the century and after a relatively slow start, this form of gambling has had a rapid rise in recent years. A significant proportion of sports bettors now use their phone for all of their wagering needs and growth is expected to continue for a number of years. If you want to get started right away, simply follow the steps below:

    To place a bet on your mobile phone:

    1. Go to
    2. Sign in to your account using your Account # or email and password.
    3. Choose a sport or 'Live Betting'.
    4. Select a line and enter your risk amount.
    5. Select "Place Wagers" and then "Yes" to confirm your bet.

    If you’re looking for more information, this guide discusses which mobile devices are most suited to sports betting and how to access the sportsbook. After that, there is an explanation of some of the benefits associated with mobile sports betting, before some important tips on then the various ways you can use your phone to gamble, plus some tips on finding the right site for you.

    Mobile Betting – Best Devices

    The most popular and most catered for mobile devices in the world of sports betting are for the iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile. Many Sportsbooks have created Apps for all of the listed devices and you’ll have the full range of betting that the website would have on the App including instant prices, live betting and in-play markets. Windows phones and tablets do not yet have the same choice, though you can still access the in-browser games via these devices.

    Mobile Betting – Benefits Of Using A Mobile Device Over Traditional Ways Of Gambling

    The main and most obvious benefit of mobile betting is the fact that you’ll probably never be in a position where you can’t get a bet on. Like most people, you’ll probably have the phone on your person at all times, so whether you’re at the game, taking the dog for a walk or out enjoying the sun, with mobile betting, you’ll never have to rush back home before you miss the start of a sporting event.

    Many people nowadays view sports with a second screen set up, possibly watching the sport on the TV, while browsing either the gambling App or looking up stats about that particular sport on the phone. Maybe you want to watch the NFL on the TV, whilst looking at both the latest points spread and how many yards the star running back has made, which is perfect for this scenario.

    As well as using the phone as a second screen, you could also use the phone itself to view the sport you are gambling on. Many sports TV channels offer streaming Apps for subscribers who can simply log on and watch top-class sport. In addition, many sportsbooks will also offer live streaming on many sports, normally if you have a funded account. You won’t always see the very top sports on the sportsbook’s streaming service, however you will see a very wide range of sports and there will probably be something to gamble on at any time of day.

    One additional bonus of using a mobile device is the touch screen, which offers greater speed in navigating the markets and is especially useful when betting live or in-play.

    Mac Sportsbook – Range of Betting Available

    When selecting a sportsbook you want to make sure that it actually covers the sports you are interested and in as much detail as you need. For instance, you may want to bet on the totals in college basketball, but a particular site only offers the point spreads or you may have an interest in non-league football and the site doesn’t offer any prices at all. Make sure the site meets all your gambling needs.

    Mobile Betting – How To Gamble On Your Phone

    There are two main ways of gambling on a mobile phone: through the browser or through an App.

    You’ll be able to access your sportsbook through the phone’s browser (be it Safari, Chrome or another) using either the traditional website or a mobile site. This can be a bit tricky on a phone and in some cases is not particularly user friendly, unfortunately there are sportsbooks that haven’t embraced the new technology yet and this will be your only choice.

    The other method of betting on your phone is through an App. This is by far the most popular way of betting with your phone. The Apps include all of the features of the website in a user friendly format. The first time you use an App it is simply a case of logging on and you are on your way. Don’t worry, if you haven’t used the sportsbook before, you’ll be able to register through the App.

    Mobile Betting – Choosing The Best Sportsbook

    There are many things to consider when signing up to a sportsbook for mobile betting: the reputation and the reliability of the site. Ask yourself, how long has the Sportsbook been in existence, have you heard any horror stories associated with the site, how good is the customer service? Maybe send them an e-mail and test them out. If they take more than a week to reply, you have your answer.

    Other things to look at are the bonuses you’ll receive by joining the site. Most, if not all, sportsbooks will offer bonuses of up to 100% on your initial deposit, either in the form of money added to your account or a free bet.

    Mobile Betting – Overview

    Seeing as mobile betting is quickly becoming one of the biggest and most lucrative forms of gambling, securing your custom has become more important for every sportsbook. Because of this, there has never been a better time to get involved. Take those bonuses, gamble wherever you like, bet wisely and enjoy your mobile betting experience.

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