Boxing history is filled with stories of two fighters needing more than one bout to determine who is the better man, and sometimes fighters have to meet for a third time to determine who is best. This weekend Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez will meet for the fourth time to finally determine a clear winner of their great boxing battle.Having already met three times one would think these two know each other so well that this fight will offer little in the way of surprises. However, what they have shown over the years is that neither is willing to concede in any way, and the one thing that’s for sure is that boxing fans are in for a true battle between two very evenly-matched fighters.*****

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*****Has Marquez found a way to win?Boxing odds on the Marquez vs. Pacquiao IV fight are already available at Bovada, and as expected Pacquiao is favored to win. Having been given the victory in two of their previous fights and fighting to a draw in the other, it only seems right that he’s handicapped as the favorite. However, those two Pacquiao wins were by split and majority decisions, and the chances of Marquez finally coming out on top are real.The big reason that Marquez could finally upset one of the top pound-for-pound fighters in the world is Pacquiao’s performance in the ring over his last few fights. Once a dominant force, Pacquiao has not been as impressive of late and could be slowing down. If that’s true, the time could finally be right for Marquez to come out on top. Pacquiao comes at a bargain priceOddsmakers at Bovada currently have Pacquiao vs. Marquez odds handicapped with Pacquiao as the -280 favorite. Normally he comes at much more expensive price, but the closeness of their previous battles has kept the Pacquiao betting option low, offering a rare boxing odds opportunity for his supporters.The Marquez upset option is also a tempting one when one considers how close each fight has been. As the +220 boxing odds underdog Marquez could have a good night and finally upset his biggest adversary. The key will be the later rounds, where Pacquiao has traditionally been the strongest. If Marquez can stay strong in the late going he will have a good chance at the upset this week.Over/Under action on the boutIf you’re going to bet on boxing this weekend you might want to consider the Over/Under option at Bovada. Currently set at 10.5 rounds, the obvious favorite will be the Over option at -280. Under payouts are currently handicapped at +190, but seem unlikely considering the past fights these two have had against each other.All three of their other fights have gone the distance, but more importantly there was no real situation in any of those fights where it looked like the bout would be stopped. Both fighters have lots of heart and are set on beating the other at all costs.Expect this one to go the distance, but if you like the Under option the best chance will come from a Pacquiao KO in the later rounds. At 39 years old Marquez could have difficulty dealing with Pacquiao’s power after the sixth or seventh round. If Pacquiao can manage to inflict enough punishment, the Under option could pay out in rounds seven, eight, or nine.*****

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